Fire devastates Saatchi artworks

Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

I’m not a huge fan of modern art, but today’s fire is a tragedy. Even if you think most of it was rubbish, we can’t predict what future generations might have made of it.

A former colleague taught Tracey Emin. Apparently her tent ‘Everyone I have ever slept with 1963-95’ caused a few raised eyebrows and red cheeks among the staff…

I’m starting my own version. I think a handkerchief will be easier to store, anyway.

Proof that every cloud has a silver lining: I would have thought the fire is an ideal candidate for the next Turner Prize?

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Arts | Fire devastates Saatchi artworks
: “Modern art classics like Tracey Emin’s tent and works by Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas and Gary Hume were lost.

Art storage firm Momart’s warehouse on an industrial estate in Leyton, east London, has been largely destroyed and small fires are still burning.

A spokesman for Saatchi said he was ‘absolutely devastated’ and the cost was likely to run into millions of pounds.

He confirmed that Emin’s tent – ‘Everyone I have ever slept with 1963-95’ – and her piece known as The Hut had been lost.

Works by Patrick Caulfield, Craigie Horsfield and 20 pieces by Martin Maloney were also destroyed. Hell, by brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman, may also have perished.

They represent some of the cream of the so-called ‘Britart’ movement of celebrated modern artists.”

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