Welcome, Icelanders!

Sunday, May 30th, 2004

The ability of information to spread virus-like never ceases to amaze me.

I’ve noticed quite a few hits to this site coming from a link over on the Icelandic National Team site to my “Graphic Design Education is Failing Students” story, which is still the most visited post on this site. I can’t read Icelandic so am not sure whether the link is along the lines of “you must read this, it’s great” or “you must read this, it’s laughable!” Whatever, I’m grateful for the reference.

I’m guessing the site is about Graphic Design from the few recognisable words I can see. I wonder what the nature of the debate is over there? So far this has been dominated mainly by US contributors (in fact I appear to be the only Brit that I can find and the only non-North American writing on the subject). It’d be nice to hear from someone from other countries, either privately or using the comments link (you can post anonymously incidentally!). If you do email me privately (using the link under my profile) let me know if you’re happy to be quoted here.

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