New Doctor Who logo revealed – oh dear

Monday, October 18th, 2004

This will only make sense to those of you who care, but the BBC finally revealed the new logo for the relaunch of Doctor Who next year. Apparently about five people worked on this.

What can I say? I know the series is about time travel but this is a bit 1987 isn’t it? How it’ll work on books, DVDs, magazines and (sniff) badges and t-shirts I don’t know. Five minutes with Photoshop and a lens flare filter gone haywire.

There’s a bigger version available. Maybe it’ll grow on me but I find it difficult to read and a bit too ‘slick’. Maybe it’s a still from the title sequence and the words sit on their own in other uses?

Maybe I shouldn’t care… but I do.

One comment on “New Doctor Who logo revealed – oh dear

  1. Anonymous says:

    devastating. there’s a generation (at least) of designers to choose from who’d probably do this for love and that’s what they do? it’s certainly the worst logo in the series history (just think of the groundbreaking and haunting titles from the series inception until towards the end of tom bakers’ era). it makes the blakes 7 logo look like genius. good grief. pony.

    from graham wood

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