Xbox Live

Sunday, November 21st, 2004

And talking of Xbox live, if you’re on there and fancy adding me to your ‘friends’ list, my ID is ‘roguebrainiac’. Don’t laugh – it was one of those random IDs that the system came up with and I quite liked it…

Currently playing Halo 2 (although I can only play for half an hour before I feel seasick). I’m really bad at this sort of thing. I went on Xbvox live the other evening to be ritually humilated by some Swedish and German gamers who obviously have no idea about being ‘sporting’ and proceeded to shoot me silly.

It’s the same with Project Gotham and Star Wars Battlefront, and don’t get me started on Splinter Cell. The Xbox Live system is supposed to match you up with people of the same ability – either it doesn’t work or the rest of the world has left me behind. I suspect the latter.

It takes me back to the days when I would usually be left till last when we were being picked for football and rugby at school. And cricket. Scarred for life and here I am putting myself through it on the world stage…

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