Interesting facts

Sunday, November 28th, 2004

The Earth has at least two moons, Luna (or just ‘the moon’ to you and me) and Cruithne (pronounced ‘crew-ith-ni’) which takes over 700 years to complete its horseshoe orbit and is only three miles wide. Apparently, astronomers think there are more…

Eddison didn’t invent the lightbulb.

He did, however invent the word ‘Hello’. Apparently when the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell (Scottish, not American as some seem to claim – I’m looking at you, Michael Moore) he decided there needed to be a greeting that could be used by someone when they answered. (Presumably he was thinking this in the time it took for someone to invent the all-important second telephone so he had someone to call).

Anyway, Bell came up with ‘ahoy hoy’ as the greeting but it never caught on (except with Monty Burns in The Simpsons).

Eddison came up with his alternative, presumably annoyed that a) he hadn’t invented either the first telephone or indeed the all-important second telephone and b) that someone else came up with the lightbulb before he did.

His alternative was ‘hello’, a sligh alteration of ‘hullo’ which up until that point had been an expression of surprise as in ‘hullo, what’s going on here? Two ruffians are about to beat me senseless!’.

There’s more where these came from! To stop me, send money to my Paypal account 😉

One comment on “Interesting facts

  1. Jon Langdon says:

    “1883, alt. of hallo (1840), itself an alt. of holla, hollo, a shout to attract attention, first recorded 1588. Perhaps from holla! “stop, cease.” Popularity as a greeting coincides with use of the telephone, where it won out over Alexander Graham Bell’s suggestion, ahoy. Central telephone exchange operators were known as hello-girls (1889).”

    –Jon Langdon

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