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My First Amazon Moment [updated]

Thursday, December 16th, 2004

Ooh what an interesting experience. A book I’ve been contributing to has appeared on Amazon etc.

Sadly, my name appears to have been missed off, although it appears on the WH Smith listing and at Blackwell’s Bookshop, so no doubt it’ll soon be corrected on Amazon. I hope. I came to the project late so it’s not surprising.

Update: have updated the details and I’m now listed. It’s like the thrill you get when the first box of leaflets you designed comes back from the printer…

If you’re in the USA you can place an order now (bloody good price compared with the UK – I’m going to have to buy my copies from the US!):

If you are in the UK, use this link to purchase More Than A Name, although I don’t think they’re actually accepting orders yet.

Mind you, it’s not out yet and won’t be until June so nearer the time I’ll do a proper blurb. My own book should be out about that time too, from the same publisher. Can’t wait…

In the meantime, back to the second draft. I’m trying to find a simple way of explaining ‘hegemony’… I need a cup of tea.