iPod Shuffle victim

Friday, January 14th, 2005

I hate Apple. I spent far too much money the other day on the new versions of Keynote and Garageband, and then found myself going back to snap up a new iPod Shuffle. The more i think about it the more this is a cool gadget that seems to answer a need that a lot of people just don’t seem to ‘get’. If you read some of the (quite heated) anti-Shuffle comments it all revolves around the fact there’s no screen and you can’t tell what song’s coming next. Some of the critics have said it doesn’t have a radio either, like some competitors.

But when Apple released the iPod mini last year and updated the big iPod they added the ‘shuffle’ feature to the main menu because it seems a lot of people just stuck their player on random and never looked at the screen. And what’s a radio if it’s not just a player stuck on random (but with someone else’s choice of crappy music and ads every few minutes?)

For me the beauty of the Shuffle is that it only holds a couple hundred songs. I’ve found with my 40gb iPod that by the time I’ve decided what to listen to I’m late for whatever i was going to! And it’s too heavy for the gym. So I tend to save it for train journeys and overnight stays.

The Shuffle should be good for the gym and quick walks to work – and the real killer deal is the iTunes integration. Unlike other players, this one updates randomly and automatically from a pre-set playlist in iTunes, so I’m going to use my ‘smart’ playlist called ‘rock not played in the last year’ to fill it – currently 4,288 songs, or 12 days long – to randomly fill it, and hopefully rediscover some forgotten treasures.

Should be here in two weeks, and quite looking forward to it. I’m not a sad hype victim at all – I haven’t been fooled into thinking this is the answer to my prayers. True i didn’t know I needed this on Monday, but since Tuesday it’s been so damned obvious… 😉

Plus I’ll be the first one in the gym to have one – everyone has an iPod there, so sometimes I feel quite cool that I don’t take mine with me. Sad, isn’t it?

Anyway, to see quite an accurate commentary on how pervasive the iPod has become in Britain (Brighton and London are awash with them), check out this quite weird BBC comedy sketch. Or is it a documentary?

I nearly bought a Mac mini too, just cos it’s so damned affordable. Don’t need one at all, but hell I NEED one…

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