Lazy son of a…

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

I just had three days off (Fridays are unpaid which I can’t afford but it’s quite nice).

I had intended to use Friday to finish the book, Saturday to plan Tuesday’s lecture and discussion, and Sunday to plan my two and a half day web design class that I have to give next week.

Instead I did… nothing. Woke up late on Friday and got ready for a trip to the gym after tidying up but did neither. Popped to the shop for some milk and bumped into my ex who was having a ‘duvet day’. After that I just spent the afternoon watching TV.

Saturday… got up late. Did actually go to the gym this time for a whole hour (whoopee) and then home to watch more TV and play Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow on the X-Box. Then my neighbours decided to have a party until 5am so didn’t sleep much.

This morning (Sunday) got up late, played on the Xbox, watched Voyager on cable and did at least vacuum the sofa and cut the cat’s claws (fun fun fun).

Now it’s just gone 9pm and I’ve realised I’ve done nothing to prepare for next week! Starting to panic but also thinking ‘well that’s what weekends are for…’

I think this is one of the biggest problems with part-time teaching, you only get paid for the hours you teach – the pay includes prep time, but because you have to fill every spare hour with paid work it means using your evenings and weekends.

Yes, I know it’s another moan and I don’t have to live like this… but I really needed a weekend of doing nothing whatsoever; it’s just the worry that the lessons will be crap this week and I don’t think I can use it as an excuse. I hate being unprepared. I usually have a ‘spare lecture’ on hand for times when things go wrong like this, but it’s not really appropriate for the lessons I’m giving this week. Plus I think I’ve used it on one of these groups already!

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