Anoraks at the ready: New Doctor Who images

Monday, February 21st, 2005

Oh I feel like a schoolboy again! At the time of writing it’s 32 days, 19 hours and 32 minutes until the new series of Doctor Who begins (not that I’ve got a counter running on my desktop or anything sad like that. Oh no).
The first ‘official’ photos from the series have leaked on to the net and I grabbed copies. I know you want to see but just in case you’re putting it off until you see it for real I’ll just post links rather than the actual images. (The images are taking some time to upload to my server so keep trying – I’m synchronising a lot of stuff at the moment).

The first one shows Christopher Ecclestone in the grip of a familiar enemy (I won’t tell you who it is, even though it’s not a secret, just in case you really are looking to be surprised next month and know your Who mythology – if you don’t you’ll be none the wiser).

The second shows Billie Piper (who I have to admit is rather fanciable – hope there’s an action figure!) in what looks like the new TARDIS console room – but it doesn’t give too much away about the interior so feel free to have a look).

I have to say, it’s looking good from these two shots. The trailers proper start soon – can’t wait.

Yes, I’m a sad SF fan boy. We all need our vices.

6 comments on “Anoraks at the ready: New Doctor Who images

  1. Anonymous says:

    from graham

    fingers crossed for this-can’t see the pics but i check outpost gallifrey pretty regularly and everything seems to bode well.

    remember chris achilleos?

  2. galetea says:

    I have to admit to having a large soft spot for Doctor Who. When I was 12, (By the time Dr. Who made it to PBS in America, I was watching episodes filmed the year I was born.) I was such a huge fangirl that my dad built me a lifesized K9 out of cardboard. Not only that, but my folks actually TOOK me to a convention (I know, I know)and I met the rather charming fellow who played “The Master”. I admit to being highly sceptical of the new series, though for a single reason: NO WAY SHOULD THE DOCTOR BE GETTING HIS END AWAY WITH HIS COMPANIONS! IT’S WRONG WRONG WRONG!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Graham – yes, Chris Achilleos was probably the first illustrator I was really ‘aware’ of. He’s got a new image in the current SFX magazine – classic stuff – and there’s a poster of it free in next month’s

    Galetea – Anthony Ainley is who you’re thinking of. He died last year, sadly.
    I don’t think the Doctor’s going to have a relationship with Rose – hope not, anyway!

    Funny how this is the subject I’ve had most comments on!

  4. Anonymous says:

    from graham

    mum and dad have still got my drawings (from 82) of jon pertwee and peter davison on their wall-i gave the tom baker to the man himself at the longleat exhibition back then.

    it’s got to be about the titles-as i’ve banged on elsewhere, the early pertwee titles, along other british shows of the time (persuaders, dept. s, randall and hopkirk) still inspire-i was lucky enough to do the reeves and mortimer ‘hopkirk’ titles and that was a real closing of the circle . . .

    as far as being a fanboy . . . i think i’ve visited almost every day since ’97 . . .

  5. 1000 black lines says:

    Oh, wow! The Dr. Who saga continues. I was a big Tom Baker and Peter Davison fan. As a grade school boy, me a couple other boys would imitate Daleks by saying “ex-ter-mi-nate, ex-ter-mi-nate” into the back of an electric fan. I can’t imagine getting away with that now. A child might be expelled from school for un-American behavior.

    The new Dr. Who may be the only reason I need to move to the UK. Otherwise I’ll have to wait until my son is 12 in order to watch it in the US on PBS.

  6. Angie says:

    HelloJust stumbled onto your site, looking for dr who images, well christopher ecclestone images really. I’ve loved Dr Who since I was old enough to be scared of it. The theme music and Darleks mainly. When I was in Junior School, I think I was considered a bit of a geek – I had an extremely long scarf and used to play Dr Who in the playground a la Tom Baker – on my own of course! 🙂 And in the summer, when were allowed on the field, I was quite happy playing Blake Seven – though I had a few recruits with this one. I think it’s a bit of a shame Christopher Ecclestone is leaving, he’s like a sexy Tom Baker type Dr Who. Still, it’s just nice to see it back, even if the episode “The Empty Child” freaked me out a bit – I have a three year old son who likes calling for his Mummy!Happy Dr Who-ing, sob, there’s only three episodes left..sobAngie

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