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Bird flu – could be worse

Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

Mumps, hypochondria and athlete’s foot. Three major diseases I’ve so far managed to escape (although I though I had hypochondria recently – but it turned out to be nothing.)

Well scrub athlete’s foot from the list because my left foot is happily harbouring something icky. (It may not be AF but it has all the symptoms). A wound I got in the gym last summer (I sliced my foot open on a spa jet) appears to have become infected. It’s quite minor at the moment but it’s a cross between a paper cut, a hot needle, and an itch. Difficult to ignore but torture if you give in and scratch.

This bird flu sounds worrying though – the UK government has just announced its plans with a ‘when, not if’ warning. But it’s not that worrying. Bloke flu, now that’s a killer. In my experience, birds don’t really suffer from flu, they just tell us it’s something and nothing and make some comment about ‘men, you always think you’re dying; if men had to give birth the human race would die out’. Makes me sick. Very, very sick.

In fact I might have to go and lie down.

Bizarre Dream

Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

I have some weird dreams, but last night’s took the biscuit.

I dreamt I couldn’t sleep… I actually dreamt I was lying in bed unable to nod off and worrying that it would soon be time to go to work.

Can you imagine how confused I was when I woke up? And oddly disappointed.