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Sunday, April 10th, 2005

Tony Blair called a general election in the UK last week. Coverage of politics in the media pisses me off – it’s so cynical and condescending, and they treat it like a game. Most of the reports last week were used to introduce us to the presenters of the shows, and show off their fancy graphics and portable studios. In the entire first week of the campaign I heard very little from the parties themselves, and what I did hear was helpfully ‘interpreted’ for me by reporters who kept adding helpful little phrases like ‘well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?’ and ‘with every vote counting, people must be asking themselves how far they can trust the politicians to keep their promises’ and such like.
Bring back the days when they’d just play a recording of what people said and let us make up our own minds. The irony is that the media also likes to report apparent apathy among voters and seems to blame the politicians. Is it any wonder people don’t bother to vote when the whole thing is made out to be about as important as some inane reality TV show?

Just finished reading ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ by Audrey Niffenegger. A fantastic book, highly recommended. I’ve had it on my shelf since it first came out and I finally got round to it last week. It quickly grabs you as you attempt to make sense of the disjointed narrative and the author carefully foreshadows events so that you figure out what’s happening at the same time as the characters. Very clever and quite a moving book.

Saw ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason’ last night – disappointing sequal to the original which was much funnier. Rene Zelwegger grates a bit.

Great line today on Malcolm in the Middle (one of the best series on TV IMHO)

“It’s not a lie if what you say would be true if the facts were different”

One to remember, I think…

The only thing that irritates me more than religious types cramming their beliefs down other people’s throats is atheists cramming theirs down them too. I’ve met more fundamentalist atheists than I have any other sort, and I can’t help thinking they’re more dangerous – when you don’t fear eternal retribution or seek salvation you’ve got nothing to lose.

My junk mail filter is great but sometimes it gets it oh so wrong. I have in the past lost money as a result of emails getting binned because they’re deemed to be pornographic. Living in Sussex doesn’t help (sus-sex, you see?): not only have I lost messages sent to me from people offering me work, but I’ve had job applications bounced back from over-zealous servers that think my address is some sort of signifier of deviance on my part.

Actually, they could be right…

Our local county council has decided to move all its in-house graphic designers from Macs to PCs to make the IT support department’s jobs easier. I always thought the job of support departments was to make other people’s jobs easier? Nice to know my taxes are being spent wisely. Only good thing to come out of it was that I made some money out of retraining some of the council’s staff last week – ironically while they were on PCs I was using my Powerbook.

April’s a funny month. Roasting one minute, freezing the next. The problem with living in a basement flat is that it takes until June for warm weather to make a difference in here. It could be boiling outside but I’d have to have the heating on inside. But thank God the clocks have gone forwards – the days seem so much longer. When it gets dark late I seem to get much more done (by which I mean I can procrastinate for longer).