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Friday, April 22nd, 2005

After a week out of action thanks to the flu (it’s at times like this that I really wish I wasn’t the independent type and actually lived with someone, as dying of dehydration and waking up to find you’re actually blind are both experiences that really need to be shared) I finally logged on to check my email earlier this week.

I wish I hadn’t bothered… my landlady emailed to tell me they’re selling the flat and I have to move out! Argh!

I hate hate HATE moving house. It takes me weeks to pack and then months to unpack again at the other end. It’s also bloody expensive to move, and the whole process of finding somewhere really pisses me off.
For one thing, letting agents in Britain (or at least in the south of England) are hopeless. You register your details with them but you might as well not bother as they never contact you, instead insisting you contact them. They insist they only act on behalf of landlords, not tenants, which means if there’s ever a dispute then the landlord’s word is final (don’t want to fix the shower? Well that’s okay ‘cos the tenant has no rights).
Last time I looked for a flat I was appalled at the state of some of the places I saw. Some had plaster falling off the ceiling and walls, and the agent showing me round would step over it and ignore it! And while I sometimes think I’m not the tidiest person on the planet, some of these places make me look like an obsessive compulsive in the cleaning stakes.

The good news is I’ve got till the end of July to find somewhere but I don’t want to hang around as I’ve got lots to do over the summer and I don’t want to spend my month off unpacking.
I saw a flat today and it’s not actually bad. It’s quite small so I’m concerned I won’t fit all my bookcases, CDs and desk in the living room. The bedroom’s a bit bigger than the one I’ve got and there’s a cat flap out onto a back garden (overgrown but good for the cat). It seems fairly quiet but it’s just round the corner from the student halls of residence so it might not be the wisest choice for privacy!
It’s £595 a month which is quite steep, but I’m paying £600 now. Oh if it were only a little bigger I’d snap it up.

I have to say I’m tempted and I’m thinking about it but I have time to look around. (I keep meeting people who have great flats that they appear to be paying peppercorn rents for and I wish I could find one like that). I’m also tempted to live with other people, partly to save money and partly for the company but I’m 35 this year and I think that’s a little too old to be leading the flatshare lifestyle.

Part of me’s thinking this is maybe God’s way of saying it’s time to up sticks and move on. Can’t think where, though.