Ego massage: I’ve been reviewed!

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

The kind folks over at The Weblog Review have taken a look at this blog and given it a rating of 4.5 (out of 5, I’m hoping! God, if it’s out of ten forget I mentioned it!)

The review reads:

(the) weblog, “A Word in Your Ear”, has the potential to be a hit. Before even beginning my journey through Jonathan’s archives, I tried to block out the fact that the site is hosted through Blog*spot and does use one of the many charming Blogger templates. Thankfully, Jonathan has done a bit to spruce up the design. I’m hoping his writing does even more.

The archives date back to May 2004, giving Jonathan over a year and a half of posts to go through. His first post is actually an essay written in 2002 about graphic design in education. It didn’t take long for me to realize that when Jonathan posts, he puts a lot into what he is writing and the end result is something that is very easy to read and, while it may not pertain to the general blog-reading population, he is able to make each topic understandable.

Jonathan writes a lot about graphic design and about creating website using HTML and CSS and whatever else is the latest and greatest designing code. With as much talent as he possess in his writing, I have a feeling his coding skills are just as polished. No excuse for a Blogger template, Jonathan, none at all! 🙂

This site is extensive. The entries are long and there is quite a bit to read considering the site is updated nearly daily. Jonathan dabbles in a little bit of everything and makes it no secret to his readers. Whether he shares music he’s been working on or ideas of his future employment, guessing the content from each post to the next is nearly impossible. With such a wide variety of topics, readers can easily become enraptured in one topic or another.

Jonathan falls into the category of bloggers that like to write. A lot. His daily posts are lengthy, but are well written and easy to read. “A Word in Your Ear” is a site that is at least worth a glance, simply due to the wide range of topics the author can competently scribe in his entries.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with Blogger as the engine of choice (it’s free after all) and yes, I do keep meaning to fiddle with the design more than I have done but… well, you know how it is!
Other than that I’m rather happy with this review; I was dreading reading it!
Mind you the ‘dabbles in everything’ bit bothers me. I was a t a job interview recently, for a ‘leading’ university, and it was clear they were rather disdainful of my finger-in-pies approach. But I like to make connections between things – what’s wrong with that? Why is polymathy and interdisciplinarity so out of fashion in universities nowadays?

Mind you, this review is easily topped by a comment I found thanks to a late night, end-of-year peruse through my visitor logs. I found that someone had recently come to my site via a link on another blog, and this is what ‘bindigrrrl’ (who I now want to marry) says about me:

I’ve made the most astounding discovery in the writings of Jonathan Baldwin, Academic, Designer, Writer and fellow Scorpion. Not since Gord have I savoured the words of another so delectably. I’m fascinated by this gentleman’s mind, and anyone who knows me can attest to that being no small feat. From political coverage to dirty weekends in Brighton, and ironing board mishaps, it all makes for an excellent read! Jonathan’s writing is to be enjoyed with a glass of chilled merlot and the score to The Hours by Philip Glass. It can also be enjoyed over breakfast. Pop over and have a look. You’ll not regret it.

The grating sound you hear is me trying to get my head through the door 😉 Nice way to end the old year!


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