Mixed up

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

Yesterday, after ‘one of those weeks’ I spent the day playing World of Warcraft (got my Paladin up to level 31), watching the World Darts championship (scarily I am really into darts, though I can’t play it for toffee. I’ve been supporting the Dutch all week, somewhat unpatriotically of me, and the finals today have two Dutch men in it – for the first time ever, no Brit is in there!). I also read, before going to sleep, a few chapters of James Herriot’s autobiography (he’s the Yorkshire vet – good book, great TV series).

So when I tell you that I had an extremely disturbed night dreaming about creeping through a haunted forest hunting down rabid sheep with enchanted darts you’ll understand why today I have done absolutely nothing but stare at the wall for several hours.

Time to lay off the cheese.


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