The cycle of experiential misery

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

I happened to flick through the TV channels this morning to see if anything interesting was on.
Daytime TV is an odd beast. How do people who do nothing but sit at home all day manage to spend so much money that they need consolidation loans, and have so many accidents that they need to sue for compensation?
Maybe they’re at home because they had an accident… Are daytime TV audiences purely made up of people who’ve tripped over pavement slabs and slipped on oily patches?

Watching one of the countless ‘discussion’ shows, where real people decide that they’re going to reveal to their boyfriends that they’ve been sleeping with their sisters, something they couldn’t face doing in private but somehow feel able to do live on national TV, I can’t help wondering what the world is coming to.
The only rule I could make of this is that those who watch daytime TV will eventually end up starring in it and, when everyone’s been done they’ll start making proper programmes. Or the world will end.

Last night, wondering if there is a pattern to people’s lives I came up with what I call ‘Baldwin’s Cycle of Experiential Misery:

(Click on image for full size version)


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