Deserved success

Monday, February 27th, 2006

The two biggest annoyances of teaching at university are the fact that students always seem to have better computers than I do, and the next time I see them after graduation they’re usually earning more than me…
I’m not a big fan of universities trumpeting student success as their own, especially as it ignores the smaller, more private successes of all students. A college that boasts five famous graphic designers among its alumni is, by omission, saying it doesn’t really care what happened to the several hundred (thousands) of others they know nothing about.

That being said, however, it was nice to see that a former student of mine, Emily Gravett, is the Guardian’s author of the month.

I can’t say if I had any influence on her (though I’d like to think the lecture I gave on language in which I recommended ‘Eats, Shoots & Leaves’ played a part – though if I remember correctly she’d already read it at that point) and whether I did or not isn’t really the point. If you read Emily’s interview you’ll see that she went through more in a few years than most of us go through in a lifetime. Her success is her own and is very well deserved.

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