Quark Rebranding (again)

Monday, March 20th, 2006

Another day, another Quark logo…

“You might remember the Quark Logo Trouble a couple of months ago. It looks like they have decided to re-brand themselves once again. This time their logo looks similar to the Sony Ericcsson one. What is going on with Quark? It seems like they are having real difficulties with their image right now. They might as well go back to their original logo. What are your thoughts?”

My first reaction to this was it has to be a joke. But it’s not April 1st so let’s go with it. My second reaction was, as above, I used to have a phone with this logo on it.

It used to be the case that a rebrand was meant to last for years. What with Abbey National’s short-lived rebrand a couple of years ago and now this, I’m beginning to wonder.

Some companies change their identities more frequently than I change my socks. No, seriously. My philosophy is, if you throw them against the wall and they don’t stick, you can carry on wearing them.

(Via Advertising/Design Goodness.)


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