Grafik review

Monday, June 5th, 2006

The first proper review of my book, ‘Visual Communication: From Theory to Practice’ has been published in Grafik.
Generally very positive although I thought the ‘textbook’ comment was a bit odd. I mean, it’s a book with text in it, isn’t it? Oh well, I suppose they have to find something to poke at!
They also got the designer’s name wrong – it was Bob Wilkinson, not Lucienne Roberts who designed it.
(Click on the image for a bigger version).

Other reviews are coming in to the publisher from academics who’ve seen it. Again, they are enthusiastic which is good as it was written to act as an introduction to an area of the design curriculum which is either delivered in a very dry and uninteresting way, or simply not delivered at all.

You can order the book from Amazon.

One comment on “Grafik review

  1. tblue says:

    I saw your comment on Comic Curmudgeon, and I had to set you straight. “Was” is an inflection of “to be.” “To be” is a linking verb. Linking verbs never take objects. Only transitive action verbs take objects. Linking verbs take subject complements. If the subject complement is a personal pronoun, it must be in the nominative (subject) case. Therefore “It was I” is correct, though hardly anyone uses that locution any longer. “It was me” has become acceptable in colloquial usage.Tina Blue

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