Estate agents

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

I’m moving to Dundee in a few weeks to take up a new post (about which I’m quite excited), but have run in to the usual problem: estate agents.

Why are estate agents so fucking useless? Why do they not want to help you? Why can’t they understand that, being several hundred miles away, I might like some help and advice in finding somewhere to live?

I rang one and got someone who clearly didn’t want to be there, who took my details and then told me the fact I have a cat means I can’t get on their list. (Maybe I should lie about the cat in future?)

I just emailed another and gave them all my details and said ‘I may not be able to visit so good photos are required.’. I got a one line email telling me to visit their website. I just did that! It’s crap! That’s why I’m emailing you! Send me pictures! Do some bloody work! Advise me!

Moving is stressful enough. Moving a long way, in to a new job, is even worse. Doing it without any help whatsoever from people who make their money from people like me makes it almost impossible.


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