Thanks, Lonely Planet…

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

A former student writes of her solo tour of Japan:

“Lonely Planet had told me to ‘head to the ramen slurpers’ mecca where parties start at 2am and just keep going.’ Wonderfull I thought; Friday night in Fukuoka. Turn up, get somewhere to stay (it worked last time) and see what there is on offer.

By the time I got to Fukuoka it was 9.30pm. I got the subway and head out to find ‘Lady’s Hotel Petit Tenjin,’ a capsule Hotel just for the Ladies. I walked and I walked. It was only meant to be 8 minutes away from the Subway. I thought I was very lost, so tried to get a taxi. The taxi driver I chose was the man with the most useless eyes in the world who could not read my map. So I got out and asked someone else. Who showed me where I was on the map, which helped. And I walked up and down where it was meant to be on the map, to no avail. When finally I asked a waiter in a restaurant nearby who took me outside and pointed at it.

I guess I hadn’t been looking out for a building site. For Lady’s Hotel Petit Tenjin had been demolished, bulldozed. It was gone. Thanks Lonely Planet. Not so trusty anymore are we? At 11pm, into action came Plan B. I went back to the station. I put my bag in a locker. I went to a restaurant, a cafe, and a bar before ending up at 2am at Cybac Cafe, a 24 hour manga cafe where I got a little cubicle with computer, TV, and sofa and atmospheric blue lighting. There was a libary of manga porn and showers. I guess it was fun for the novelty factor! Here I stayed until 8am, generally wasting time and trying to sleep, to no avail.”

(Via fothblog.)

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