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Rich actress’s dad apparently offers peanuts for official site

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

The actress who play’s Veronic Mars, Kristen Bell, appears to be in the market for a new official web site, if this ad from Craigslist is to believed:

OK, this job will not only be fun, but you can make a bit of a name for yourself.
I am looking for a web designer to put together the OFFICIAL website for actress Kristen Bell (TV’s Veronica Mars).
I realize this will not be a huge moneymaker for the designer—I do need to stay close to the compensation figure offered here. But what a great thing to have on your resume. We can also discuss having a credit to you on the bottom of the home page. (And you know it will get traffic!)
There will probably be a need for some monthly maintenance, and we can discuss that.
She prefers simple, clean, and contemporary. Flash and html.
I am not a fan (well, not entirely true). I am her Dad.
Serious offers (with examples of your work) only please.
Tom Bell

(The fee quoted is $1000 – that’s between 20-30 hours’ work by my reckoning. Gonna be a great site!)

Ah, it’s that old ‘this will look good in your portfolio so who cares that you won’t be paid very much’ argument! I feel like writing to Ms Bell and asking her to appear in my local primary school’s nativity play. I’ll pay her £50 – I know it’s not a lot, but wow, it’ll be a lot of fun and won’t it look good on her credits!

I wonder if this ad is genuine. If it is, maybe someone can explain to her that prestige and, er, ‘fun’, don’t pay the rent. If that’s how she’s doing business she needs to get a new agent.

(And, in my experience, no web site is ever actually ‘fun’ to work on. Indeed, the fun factor is usually inversely proportional to the amount of fun the client thinks it’s going to be…)