My feet hurt

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

I just got back from an 8 mile walk round Dundee using part of the ‘Green Circular’ route. (Click the image above for a bigger view. The numbers are mileposts – I walked clockwise from my home, down to the Tay, past the airport, up to Invergowrie, then north to Camperdown Park, up to Camperdown House, then south back home. A mix of country path, suburban cycle dirt track, pavement and concrete).

I planned it using a site called ‘Map My Walk’ which if you do a lot of walking might be worth a visit. There’s also ‘Map My Run’ and ‘Map My Ride’ for cyclists. It’s a nice mashup using Google Maps – I visited it last year when it was in beta and it’s come on a long way. Well worth a look.

You can convert your route in to a Goggle Earth file so you can see your seemingly long walk on a global scale. If you’re planning a round the world trip this could be just your thing. Here’s my walk as a Google Earth file…


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