New push to design against crime

Friday, August 10th, 2007

According to the BBC:

“The government is launching a new drive to cut crime through innovative design.
It wants designers to develop new theft-proof products to try to reduce the number of items being stolen.

These would include things such as theft-proof bikes and buildings which are more difficult to break into.

The Home Office says one example is the 51 per cent fall in vehicle crime which can be attributed to design improvements such as immobilisers and toughened glass.

The Design and Technology Alliance will be made up of a panel of independent experts, who will work with the design industry to develop new products.

Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker said clever designs alone cannot stop a criminal.

‘Designing to prevent a crime isn’t the only solution. Of course tough law enforcement goes alongside that and criminals will always try to get round the new techniques that are in place.

‘But I think that what you can say is that improved design makes a phenomenal difference.'”

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DAC @ Central St Martins


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