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Anti University advertising campaign launched

Monday, August 13th, 2007

A new advertising campaign is launching in the UK aimed at stopping parents pushing their kids down the university route when it doesn’t suit their aspirations.

I’m in two minds about this – aganst it because I think there’s nothing wrong with a plumber having a degree in philosophy, for it because I think a lot of people sign up for degrees who don’t really want one, or intend to do what’s required, but just want a job for which other routes are – or should be – available.
In design, other routes are available if you only want to be a designer without doing a degree and all that entails, but they’re not as successful in recruiting applicants partly because the industry itself places an emphasis on getting graduates in to non-graduate level jobs. Should you need a degree to be an artworker? No.
The irony is, the newest non-academic route in to the design industry is the Creative Apprenticeship championed by Creative and Cultural Skills (i.e. the design industry itself). In this, school leavers go to work in the industry and are trained on the job.
Early trials of that weren’t successful because, they admitted, employers prefer graduates because they don’t have to pay them (in other words, free ‘placements’ and ‘trials’ – odd behaviour for an industry against free pitching) or pay for their training.

So it’s not the level of education that is important, it’s the low cost of recruiting a graduate that makes it the prime entry route in to the industry…

You can watch the ad here – I think it’s rather good.

More on the campaign at

Gravitas versus graphics: ITV News ditches the gimmicks

Monday, August 13th, 2007

The Guardian reports:

ITV is to go back to basics with its news bulletins and cut back on gimmicks. Ever since Kirsty Young changed convention by perching on a desk at Five News, broadcasters have been striving for new ways to make news bulletins more innovative and informal.
Bulletins have also increasingly relied on the more hi-tech graphics pioneered by 24-hour news channels. However, sources say ITV plans to ensure there are fewer distractions for viewers and is planning ‘more substance’ to its news bulletins.

Proposed changes are understood to include allowing ITV’s 6.30pm bulletin anchors Mark Austin and Mary Nightingale to sit down to read the news. Their height difference has often caused comment.

According to sources, ITV’s director of news and sport, Mark Sharman, is reviewing all areas of the output and prefers gravitas to graphics.

Personally I think this is great. I can’t watch the news these days for all the flashy animations and other graphics. Hopefully they’ll also get rid of the ‘tell us what you think’ rubbish as well. Who wants to hear what complete idiots have to think about anything? Surely that’s what blogs are for?

Oh, hang on…