Dog exercise is among police FOI requests

Friday, August 17th, 2007

The Scotsman reports that my local police service*:

“yesterday revealed some of the more unusual requests made to them in the past two years.

Tayside Police showed under Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation that officers were asked if police dogs used treadmills or exercise machines to stop them becoming overweight, what a beggar’s average daily income is and how many parking tickets are given to foreign nationals.

Other bizarre questions submitted to the force included a request for information about an incident in which a flowerpot was ‘criminally damaged’.

Another was for details of how many Dundee taxi drivers accessed internet paedophilia sites between the hours of 4am and 7am.

The force was also asked whether it employed psychics to help with the work it carries out. A spokeswoman confirmed they did not.

The health of police dogs seemed a particular cause for concern. As well as being quizzed over their exercise regime, the force was also asked whether the animals became travel-sick, and if so, how they overcame it.

A Tayside Police spokeswoman said: ‘All the police dog handlers exercise their dogs several times a day in the normal fashion – by taking them for a walk’.”

I’m going to make a request under the act to find out how much time and money is being wasted by people asking such stupid bloody questions.

(* The Scotsman calls it a ‘police force’ but the corrct term these days is ‘police service’. I learnt that watching ‘Hot Fuzz’ at the weekend – one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen).

(Via The Scotsman.)

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