Wil Wheaton: "yet another reason why going to the movies sucks"

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Wil Wheaton (yes, he of Star Trek: The Next Generation infamy, keeps it measured and reasonable when telling us why going to the movies sucks:

for me, going to the movies has been only slightly less annoying than going to the DMV, thanks to outrageous ticket prices, mega-multiplexes that leave stains on their screens and never enforce the ‘Hey, shut the hell up’ rule beyond an entirely ineffective announcement at the beginning of the film, parents who think it’s entirely appropriate to bring small children into R-rated movies, and the latest joy: teenagers who leave their goddamn cellphones on and when they’re not talking to each other light up the theater with hundreds of tiny screens while they send and read text messages.

Yeah, I’m really glad I have this home theater system, because … there’s a good chance I’m going to snap one day and force feed some fucking idiot his goddamn cell phone.

(Via WWdN: In Exile.)

2 comments on “Wil Wheaton: "yet another reason why going to the movies sucks"

  1. Qin says:

    Seriously… I m thinking of getting a projector and a new speaker set for my new living room !!!

  2. Jonathan says:

    I’ve already got surround sound… maybe a big TV will be my next waste of money, I mean purchase… 🙂

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