Talk to your daughter before the fashion industry does

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Here’s an interesting campaign from Dove, though as David Airey points out, Dove are owned by Unilever who also sell SlimFast slimming aids…

He also mentions that

Unilever’s subsidiary based in India, Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL), markets Fair & Lovely Skin Cream and Lotion, the largest selling skin care product in India. Fair & Lovely is being promoted as a ‘fairness face cream’ that will lighten your dark skin. Through their advertisements, Hindustan Lever spreads the message that a light skin is better than a dark skin.

No, this ad is not a joke:

Perhaps you had the same response to that that I did, but as David points out, is it any worse to want to lighten your skin than to darken it through tanning products and treatments? That’s a tough one and I don’t know enough about the cultural issues to venture an educated opinion. Is skin lightening an attempt to beat racism (and therefore a result of racism) or simply a cosmetic desire?

One comment on “Talk to your daughter before the fashion industry does

  1. Qin says:

    I would say both. Actually in Chinese tradition (Janpanese and Korean as well) we used to describe a beauty’s skin should be like pure white china: smooth, white and light (it is really hard to explain untill you see a really nice made china porcelain…)but commerials nowadays do make this kind of beauty desire stronger than ever. By the way, I do not understand why people would like to get tanned…

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