Eurobad ’74

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

In my first job I occasionally had to spec up interiors for photo shoots for bathrooms and kitchens. It was an interesting process, especially if I got to go to the shoot (though we had a ban on the use of models, so no fun there I’m afraid!)

When cleaning out an old filing cabinet I found an ancient catalogue from the late 70s, full of brown and ‘avocado’ bathroom suites (and, much to my annoyance, the occasional half naked model – why were the 90s so prudish??). The interiors and the kitchen and bathroom suites were awful, much like those presented on Eurobad ’74 “an exhibition of Europe’s worst interiors of 1974”.

Some of these, if you still have them in your home, are probably fashionably dated now. I think I developed my hatred of brown and orange from having to grow up in the 70s. Never mind, the 80s would bring rescue in the form of… grey.

Incidentally, one little snippet of info I can bring you from my experience in the plumbing trade is this: the most popular choice of bathroom suite colour is… white.

Via It’s nice that. (a site run by two of my former students, incidentally!)

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