A room with a view

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

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Tayport sunset – 01, originally uploaded by artistry.

I hadn’t planned on moving house but, after two years in my flat and just as I finally got round to unpacking the last box, my landlady decided she wanted to move back in and so I was out on my ear.
She gave me three months’ notice, though, but as I hate the whole process of moving I decided to get looking.

The first few flats I saw were pretty awful and then this one came up, right on the harbour. I snapped it up and even though I’m still lacking in furniture (a bed would be nice) the view from the front window is more than paying for itself – this photo is one of a number I took recently. At the height of summer it doesn’t get dark here until after 11pm and this is a month before midsummer’s night.

I also have some resident swans who come by every now and then.

A great find – knowing my luck the landlady will sell it before I’ve even put the bed together…

One comment on “A room with a view

  1. Inês says:

    Wow.Sometimes forced decisions end up being better for us.I too had to leave my previous apartment, but now I’m so much better. I can see the sea!Nothing like the view you have, but it’s pretty awesome as well.*

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