My MA thesis Wordled…

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

This is rather nice. Wordle is a web tool that takes a bunch of text and converts it in to something akin to a tag cloud, with word size based on the frequency they occur.

Here’s my 2001 MA thesis on polysemy in advertising:

Click on the thumbnail to try it out yourself, and take a look at these created from the subtitles for various episodes of Doctor Who.

2 comments on “My MA thesis Wordled…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jonathan,Teal Triggs sent me here and I saw this – loved it so I posted it on – hope you don’t mind – credited you as my source.I was at NewsViews2 – I bought you a Fairtrade tea, remember? Regards,Derek Stewart

  2. Jonathan says:

    Hi DerekI do remember you – I never got you a tea in return!I like Wordle – thinking of doing one for every lecture next year to see if it helps students’ recall…

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