HSBC. The World’s Dumbest Bank?

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Spotted this ad in Dundee today. A few points spring to mind. Firstly, it’s a crap ad (sumo wrestlers do budge – it’s the whole point of the sport. In fact they don’t half get a wriggle on sometimes…)

But most importantly, given the strapline “The world’s local bank” it should perhaps be pointed out to whoever at HSBC signed off on this space being hired that, erm, there is no HSBC branch in Dundee.

In fact, the ‘local’ branch is a half hour drive away in Perth. Might as well be in Japan – which is the only thing that might help this ad make some sort of sense.

2 comments on “HSBC. The World’s Dumbest Bank?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I totally agree!!! I’m also offended by the sight of this so-called Sumo wrestler without nipples or even a belly-button for that matter(look closely), wearing an air-brushed fat suit! Wouldn’t it have been more effective if the guy was actually Japanese? Pity this massive poster greats me every day whilst I wait for my train to work. I hope that HSBC’s PR/Brand team read our comments and remove this lazy, unresearched ad immediately. Grrrr!Angry London Commuter

  2. Anonymous says:

    yep – this totally enrages me. In fact I have just googled ‘crap sumo hsbc add’ in the hope that I might find someone to vent to! Pisses me off everytime I log on to my internet banking……

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