Being runner up in Miss Alaska is great practice for being runner up in November

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Apparently Sarah Palin, McCain’s pick for Vice President, was a runner up in the Miss Alaska competition. (The swimsuit round must have been nippy, no pun intended – but go ahead if you spotted it).

Seeing as the female population of Alaska numbers around 260,000, that’s not saying much. Given those odds, I reckon if I padded up and wore a dress I’d stand a pretty good chance.

On a more serious note, given that she is three years younger than Obama and has even less experience of government than he does, it seems inconsistent to argue that he’s not ready to be President but that she is. Watching her next to McCain earlier just made him look even older and more wooden than usual. In a few weeks time I think the Republicans who thought this was a good idea will think again.

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